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 Grip of commands(orders)

  Metropolitan France Monaco / Corsican C.E.E*............. The other countries d'Europe* North America, Central America, South America Africa Asia Australia
Normal delivery Post office or Geodis-Calberson Periods(delays): J+2 : 25.00 FRANCS / 3.81 € J+3 : 69.00 FRANCS / 10.52 € J+5 : 110.00FRS / 16.77 € J+8 : to consult us J+10 : to consult us

List of " country EEC ":
Germany, Austria, Belgium, Spain, Great Britain, Italy, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Switzerland(Swiss).

List " the other countries of Europe ":
Denmark, Finland, Grece, Ireland, Portugal, Sweden, the Balearic Islands, Sardinia, Sicily, Norway.
The other countries: to consult us.
Attention!: Bound for islands: special rate: to consult us in 
Or by phone : +33
Or by fax: +33
The rate is valid for a single sending at a single address.
Period(delay) is reckoned in working day: Sunday and holidays do not count.

ATTENTION: commands(orders) are sent in reception of the réglement: only commands(orders) settled(adjusted) with on-line check cards or VPC by telephone / fax are so sent at once and can have accés in the express delivery.
ATTENTION: Except C.E.E, countries impose mostly customs duties, the others can not be harmed(served) because of suspension or accés too difficult customs officer: please consult the list of these countries or contact us:
Or by phone : +33
Or by fax: +33
PERIODS(DELAYS): We undertake to deal your command(order) at once, announced periods(delays) are noticed average periods(delays) and vary according to the country of destination.
Possible delays do not give straight ahead to the buyer to cancel the purchase, to refuse the parcel, or to demand damages.
Impossibilities of delivery: war, revolt, fire, strikes, accidents, and impossibility to be furnished are considered as cases of force majeure unloading(unburdening) the salesman of its ogligation to deliver.

All our CD are sent in packaging, which protects the integrity of your products during the transport. 
( Transport assured(insured) by the post office and chronopost).

 Reception of the parcel
During the passage in your absence, our carrier leaves an opinion of passage:vous have to contact him(it) to agree of the delivery. 
You can be delivered on your workroom or at a reliable person. 
The parcel is put back(handed) against a signature. 
If in spite of all the taken precautions, you notice of the breakage or missing: make reserves on the delivery order of transporteur:vous have 48 hours to make him(it). 
Goods always travel at risks and dangers of destinataire:vérifiez always your parcel in the arrival. 
Send us the double(copy) of the delivery order by fax or mail(courier) and contact us at once, 
Under one periods(delays) of 3 days, we shall send back(dismiss) you a similar parcel under 10 days. 

Goods are assured(insured).