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At the request of the interested, we confirm by the present that "show" JOSELITO presented in our théatres Porto Rico, Jefferson and the First of 2/03/66 in 13/03/66 beat all the records of recipe and persons in NEW YORK to has current hour.The quoted of NEW YORK on March 15, 1966 CESAREO GONZALEZ declared in currencies(slogans) étrangeres 1 billion pesetas for the film: " Listen my song " and declared: " with 2 as JOSELITO, I makes you an empire ".
" The small tramp " beat in Spain all the records of rent: 35 weeks in the palacio of Lusica.
" Saeta del ruysenor " - " The child in the golden voice(vote) " was Spanish production the most played in the world.
In 1963, during a sounding, JOSELITO meets it himself 6 éme position behind charlton HESTON, Anthony PERKINS, john WAYNE, Yul BRUNNER and Steve REEVES, as better actor.
56 days of exclusivity for " The nightingale of mountains " in the cinema REX of Madrid. At the time exclusivities exceeded rarely the month.
Phenomenon JOSELITO in South America in 1959 was such as one proposed him(her) extraordinary sum for the time of 120 000 pesetas a day, if it broke its contract with Cesareo GONZALEZ. In Paris in 1966 the cinema " STUDIO OBLIGADO " realized in regular intervalley of féstivals or during 7 consecutive weeks, films different from JOSELITO were presented. This operation was a succés and repeated several times in the capital during two years.
On a péridoe of 12 years, between 1956 and 1968, JOSELITO will play in 14 films in succés spread(diffused) all over the world. It(he) sang 105 songs in 14 productions. The first film: " The small vagabon " brought back(reported) in 1956 , 50 000 pesetas to JOSELITO with whom it(he) helped the family.
Senor Ballesteros, manager of JOSELITO, assigned a monthly allowance of 5000 pesetas to the relatives(parents) of the small miracle in 1956.  

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