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star in the age of 6 years

Of all the child prodigies revealed with the cinema, nobody charmed, touched, embraced, captivated as JOSELITO. Nobody aroused such a craze of the crowds as well in the Scandinavian countries as among the warm Latin populations. Today, a place to the rank of the idols can he étre counted and this public méme which formerly favored its first steps in the artistic world, contrary to any forecasts, remains in him(her) attached(fastened).

But which can étre explanation in the extraordinary popularity that connait all over the world this young and nice artist?
JOSELITO NAIT on February 11, 1947 in GAPED in SEGURA, a quite small village of JAEN ( Andalusia's ) province, within modest one home(foyer).

He is the youngest child of the numerous family of humble one hard-working. JOSELITO is 6 years old when his(her) family decides to settle down to UTIEL or the pére has just found a situation in a construction site of hydraulic works. It is in this village of Valencia's province, between ink stains á the school, hunting in bird's nests and other appropriate(clean) espiégleries á the áge, that the natural abilities for the song begin in étre known.

A well-intentioned person obtains that JOSELITO participates in a festival organized for the benefit of charities. It is that the slim silhouette. Expression charming and full of sensibility of the face and the modulated well voice(vote) are noticed. Some months later, the artistic gifts(donations) of this child prodigy begin in étre knew in the region and it(he) participates á of numerous festivals.
Valencia's transmitter dedicates several broadcasts(emissions,issues) to the one that all Spain considére déjá as a phénoméne. Not only it(he) learns all the songs with an incredible ease, since the languishing melody until the struck flamenco and insaisissabte, but it(he) decorates the personal rhythm; it(he) creates he also, although not having received any music group.

Sponsored in France by Gleam mariano

II participle then in an important demonstration in Valencia's o ú arénes it takes away(gains) a triumphant, first succés of a series which should not break off any more...

JOSELITO sings in the main transmitting stations of Spain. The fame of this cheerful, bright and spiritual child, always prét á to smile, extends with a prodigious speed. A Spanish scriptwriter, Antonio Guzman Mérino, who had I occasion to hear(understand) JOSELITO in several broadcasts(emissions,issues) of radio, writes a scenario to his(her) intention. The film Argos S.L. firm begins so in the screen ceiui which will become one of the most popular persons of the cinema. This first film which has for title THE SMALL TRAMP beats in Spain all the Iocation's records. JOSELITO there révéle actor's talent remarquabie. Sober of expression, the face expresses
With a heart-rending intensity the most dramatic feelings which one requires of tui. Of the comic actor in the poignant he knows how to laugh as he cries, he not interpréte a role, it lives him(it). Gleam Mariano presents him(it) á the French Television and makes his(her) godchild of it.

He(it,she) film deceive all over the world

The succés of this first film is such as the producer Cesareo Gonzales, the giant of the cinema in the countries of Spanish language, becomes attached JOSELITO by fabulous one contract for exclusivity and made by him the biggest star of Spanish cinema. II interpréte then the second film THE CHILD Has GOLDEN VOICE(VOTE).
This film. Realized with a rare happiness will show itself as being ' one of Spanish productions most ¡ouées all over the world.
The R.C.A. firm proposes á JOSELITO to register(record) its songs on discs. It becomes quickly one of the main artists of the catalog of this mark(brand).

JOSELITO advances(moves) in the artistic carriére á giant step. One comes him(it,her) in several countries to present to it the films. In Lisbon it(he) takes away(gains) a succés without precedent Of numerous international prices

In avrit on 1958. it the American continent o ú begins an important tour á fault it plays for the most important chaines of radio and television. The stay to Buenos. Areas and to Montévidéo turn in the highlight. The discs are sold by hundred thousands and the pubtic applauds him(it) in the exit of spectacles or the places are rented(praised) in big complete good for a long time in advance.

However, it is not only the popular fervour which pleads in favour of JOSELITO. His(its,her) qualities of interpretation, the nuances of the game are worth him(her) numerous international prices. One awards him(her) San Todaro of money(silver), ler price for interpretation Xéme Festival of Venice as well as golden medal of the price Fémina during the World Fair of Brussels.

JOSELITO still turns THE NIGHTINGALE OF MOUNTAINS before of réaIiser his(her) deafening succés LISTENS TO MY SONG. Useless to present him(it), it is trés certainly the film which is worth him(her) the love of the whole world.

The reputation sits solidly henceforth. One demands him(it) in all countries and it(he) has guére the time of flaner. So , in 1959 , aprés to have made a tour triomphate through the American continent, from Cuba to Mexico, of San Salvador in Guatemala, Portorico in Venezuela, from Colombia to Chile, in Peru, in Argentina(Argentine) and in Brazil, the exceptional route during which it(he) takes away(gains) succés which classify him(it) in the first row(rank) of world celebrities,
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