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One of the rare stars has resources made 3 times, the ED suIIivan show

One of the rare stars has resources made 3 times, the ED suIIivan show
One of the rare stars has resources made 3 times, the ED suIIivan show
Dies the return of Mexico, it(he) turns in Andalusia a new film of adventures THE SMALL COLONEL. But America, that it is about U.S.A. or about republics of Spanish Language. Stop demanding JOSELITO. IT(HE) presents to it the films, gives recitals in théatres, to the radio, to the television.
In New York. In the program most célébre broadcast(emission,issue) of American T.V., the " ED SULLIVAN SHOW " it(he) interpréte in front of more than 55 millions of télespectateurs a any range of songs.
Between two journeys in America, it(he) turns in Barcelona other one of the big trés juice - cés THE TWO KIDS then he returns in Mexico to occur in a new big fiim of adventures HIS FAITHFUL COMPANION. But time passes and One puts in him(her) narrow-minded double. This voice(vote) which is for the widest part in this unprecedented succés will not it faint with the áge?
Of return in Spain, at the end of the year on 1961 It(he) still turns MY FRIEND JOSELITO neuviéme and the last film of the premiére puts into series of the JOSELITO child.
JOSELITO returns of a big tour in Americas or he has as every time given of brilliant recitals on the television, in théátres and in cinemas. We are in March, 1962 and it(he) appréte, always under the behaviour(canal) of the fidéle metteur in scéne Antonio del Amo, to turn the dixiéme film, on a scenario which always stays in the note of the childhood.
One year passes and it re-seems in free-running star in Paris, hardly three days to register(record) there the songs of its dixiéme film, a French - Spanish coproduction, first of the adolescent JOSE LITO.
JOSELITO ACHÉVE THE SECRET OF JOSELITO. The voice(vote), on a more grave register is always also beautiful, as for the comedian's talents it(he) assert themselves of film in film.
Not enough time aprés, the first blow of crank is given to Loca Juventud ( THE SMALL GONDOLIER) or alternately Rome, Madrid and Venice are the théátre of new adventures of JOSELITO put in scéne by textbook(manual worker) Wall Oti.
In July, 1964 sees JOSELITO's return in Paris or it comes to register(record) the songs of a new big production EMPTIED HER(IT) NUEVA of Andia's Pedrito adapted with Fael Sanchez Mazas's novel and realized by Rafael Gil. And America calls back(reminds) JOSELITO for a new Mexican film EL VAGABUNDO of which he turns outsides in Porto Rico. In this occasion it(he) will participate twice consecutive to the ED SULLIVAN SHOW. And one can note that JO-SELITO is one of the rare speedboats(stars) has resources makes this show 3 times.
A sucès without préce-tooth in Olympia
But one of the most striking episodes
Extraordinary sound carriére go back up(raise) on November 16, 1965 á Paris during an unique(only) given recital á Olympia, or once again it outstripped, the public applauds him(it) to break everything and it is for the price for many difficulties that iI succeeds in leaving the surrounding wall of the célébre music hall. It(he) starts again for Americas or it(he) registers(records) several albums.
Of return in Spain, in 69, It(he) turns PRISONER IN THE CITY of which He is the producer and an actor. 70 á 74 it(he) makes an immense tour which leaves of Lisbon. It(he) makes Portugal, Mozambique and Angola, o ú it(he) discovers young musicians of colour who accompany him(it) and who are today known under the name of Black-Blood.
In 1974, his(her) wife has of enormous problémes of health and it(he) is obliged, for domestic reasons to stay auprés of her(it). It is the premiére time that JOSELITO takes a rest.
The réve: To reconquer the public French
Today, he decides to come to work in France and to reconquer his public who did not completely forget him(it).
Yesterday in Paris, this evening in Lisbon, tomorrow in New York, such is the program that indefatigably it(he) pousuit a nd if chance is partially at the origin of its success, her(it) it persévéren, the seriousness, the courage of which it(he) does not stop giving evidence is not either foreign to it. Let us add to these some notes biographigues, that this immense popularity na not turned JOSELITO's téte.
He remained this spontaneous, impulsive young man, not reflected, not computer of the films. Simple on scéne, in the screen, simple It(he) is in the life and nevertheless, has it(he) hundred reasons of étre to trust?.
JOSELITO reaches(affects) the ambiguous age or he is not any more a child. Nor a teenager, but a man.
The face kept(guarded) certain roguish reflections of the childhood, but its regular fine lines(features), assert themselves the straight nose, the sensual mouth, and the complexion trés matt of an Andalusian. Eyes especially sant remarkable, immense, strangely stretched towards temples, and blacks well on, as the long lashes, the thick eyebrows, and the almost blue head of hair.
II is 29 years old and it is a big trés speedboat(star). What is extraordinary and a little bit disturbing, it is that it is it for a long time. In fact, it(he) practically had it to anything "No front", it(he) did not know childhood or of domestic life normal. Since the age of 6 years it(he) not connait when extensive work, studios, tours and also the adulation of the public.
II however ever lost spontaneity nor this extréme kindness of which it(he) is molded: II is of a generosity without limit, " it(he) is allowed make " as we are said. Obviously he likes going out, dancing, getting dressed, he practises all the sports, but especially hunting, equitation, shot. An old jacket on the back, it(he) goes away for several days, sleeps in the bellle star, is furious of its rare clumsiness, and indefatigable, relentless in its pursuits, it is only stubbornness and patience.
II is true that if it(he) is fascinated, exuberant, this terrible profession which it(he) always made, has him(her) apris to hold on, to control itself. He knows how to take his time, arréter, begin again as so it is necessary him(it).
He loves reading, théatre, cinema, and, by top everything, music, especially classical music and melodies.
In the work JOSELITO is sudden of a quiet total, unchanging, consiencieux, seriousness in the ex-tréme, it plunges into its profession and more nothing else counts-
It(he) crossed several difficult tests, the premiére the metamorphosis(slough) of the voice(vote), classic, inevitable stumbling block for the child prodigy. Today it is it finished by the myth of " petit Joselito ".
He would especially like making of the cinema henceforth but his public requires(demands) that he sings. It is so a new departure, a new voice(vote), un.nou-veal person.
Contrary to what had foreseen the sceptics, short story(piece of news) carriére began has miracle. II needs to say that JOSELITO is seriously armed(equipped) a particular charm. Comedian's true talent, a lot of profession, and his(her) public who dedicates him(her) a love fidéle, a véritabIe tenderness.

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