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Press kit
The first télèvision, JOSELITO, will make her(it) in PARIS or Gleam MARIANO, 
The artistic parraín will become. 
The fame of this bright child, always prét to smile, extends with its crystal-clear voice with a prodigious speed and the first film is turned in 1956 under Antonío DEL AMO's Directíon " The small tramp " who beats in Spain all the records of rent. 
Fourteen films of 1956 á on 1968 will be distributed all over the world. Parallélement the songs of films are engraved in the vinyl and JOSELITO becomes one of the big speedboats(stars) in cótés D ' ELVIS PRESLEY in the catalog R.C.A. 
A logo sparkles henceforth and joins in memories(reports) " JOSELITO, the child á golden voice(vote) " will be adulated all over the world. 
Anecdotes will come to support this gloire:il will sing in private in the ranch of the President JOHNSON, II will get acquainted of CHE GUEVARA and Fidel CASTRO in full Cuban revolution. 
II will be received by the Pope Jean XXIII, will dine with the King Baudoin and the Queen Fabiola of Belgium, II will participate in the biggest émissíons broadcast in the U.S.A. II will be three times the guest of the first-rate broadcast ED SULLI winnowing basket(emission ED SULLI winnowing basket) show and will go in Latin America, II will give in 1965 a recital á Olympia á Paris o ú the public applauds him(it) á to break everything, of whom(which) Compact disc will be dístríbué at the end of 1998. 
Fairy's real tale carries(wears) JOSELITO hanging about ten years, but the child increases and magic disparatt hypocritically. 
In 1968, values are questioned, the paid brülent á Paris. JOSELITO leaves in Africa to distribute his(her) last film " Prisoner in the city " there will be there a ten dannées then returns á Utiel, time erased its name. 
The R.C.A. that í restructured seems to ignore JOSELITO who is forgotten by the producers and long and sneaky one reviled is established in the course of days, as know him(it) many singers of the 60s. 
At the beginning of 1990, JOSELITO is implied in dismaying one event on bottom of drug  
Decided well, JOSEL1TO wants to reconquer his(her) public, and to return there scéne for our biggest pleasure. 
At the dawn of I on 2000, JOSELITO is 55 years old will surprise his(her) public who Iui dedicates a love fídéle and indestructible, with the new voice(vote) of " crooner ". 
II will answer á all your questions on the life and we count on you, media, to put back(hand) the lumiére which formerly lit(enlightened).
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